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Increase In Targeted Traffic

At Mayfair Place Marketing, we lead by example. Our dedication to achieving outstanding results and collaborating with top-tier partners is demonstrated through our partnership with London Painting Company.

The Background

At Mayfair Place Marketing, we walk the talk. Our dedication to delivering exceptional results and collaborating with industry leaders shines through our partnership with London Painting Company. This client, focused on dominating their local city, sought to generate more leads, a goal we wholeheartedly supported.

Keywords, Bidding & Targeting

As part of our strategy, we initiated a thorough analysis of high search volume keywords, encompassing both location-based and informational terms. Here are a few examples from the campaign:

  1. “London painting company” ,
  2. “painting companies London”,
  3. “painting company woodford”,
  4. “painting company Kensington”,
  5. “painting company Islington”

Remarkably, within just 48 hours, all these keywords achieved first-page rankings on Google. This rapid success underscores the effectiveness of our approach and highlights our ability to deliver tangible results swiftly.

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